Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hey Everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. So, my son needed a book cover for a class at school and by the time we knew this and went looking for one, we couldn't find any that were reasonably priced. Anyway, my sons teacher said that they couldn't use brown paper bags (like I did when I was in school) because they don't hold up well enough. Well, my boys and I have been checking out the Duck Brand Duct Tape You Tube Channel a lot and have been addicted to making things with Duct Tape. There was a tutorial on how to make a Duct Tape book cover using a brown paper bag and Duct Tape. We used green (my sons favorite color) and metallic silver. What do you think?

I think it turned out pretty good and I think it will serve the purpose. Also, he can write on the Duct Tape with permanent marker. So, if you have some Duct Tape sitting around, get creative and make something with it. Stop by again soon!

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